NewsKingsley 2nd chance

Michelle has recently informed us that she is unable to continue her sponsorship for Kingsley, a distemper survivor dog, due to her recent retrenchment.

However, this does not stop her care and love towards Kingsley. She actually shared her situation with a couple of her good friends, Elise and partner and they generously offered to take over sponsorship of Kingsley until Michelle gets a job.

Thank you very much to such kind souls!

P/S: We have received a comment that disagreed with us publishing about Michelle’s retrenchment (probably concerned for her feelings). However we feel Michelle’s spirit of giving and caring should be commended ¬†and this is the main purpose of telling her story. Furthermore, it is retrenchment, an occurrence that is very common these days and as one other supporter aptly pointed out – it is retrenchment, Not getting sacked. May Michelle, Elise and partner be blessed for their kindness and we sincerely hope and pray that Michelle be blessed with a better job/career soon!

Monday, August 17, 2015

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