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Share post for Melinda

Please share...i think they are lost.

These two have suddenly appeared at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre in Wisma FAS. Have been here since Tuesday. Super friendly which is not good as people are ... See more

11 months ago

Sharing Post for Carmen Cheong
Please help to save this mother & child, please pm Carmen Cheong if you are able to help .
if you can’t, please help to share it out . thank you

She has 4 children, 2 died being crushed by the cars in the carpark basement. Found the 3rd under a car with injury in the lower body, sent to clinic but it died. The 4th puppy is still with the ... See more

11 months ago
Photos from Second Chance Animal Society's post

Update on Ah Bi~~

Ah Bi, a senior mother dog with cancer was rescued from DBKL

Unfortunately, her tumors near her nose & leg are growing hard . Her condition doesn’t improved. No choice...she has ... See more

11 months ago

SCAS always believe that our dogs deserve a second chance to rehome n to b loved. Our shelter has 500+ dog from 2 months old to adult as well as senior which r still waiting for their forever home. ... See more

12 months ago
Photos from Second Chance Animal Society's post

Chris believes every dog in Second Chance Shelter deserves a home.
He took outstanding photos on Feista. Feista was the pup who being rescued during Pet Feista 2019 , Shah Alam .
Now he is 6 months ... See more

12 months ago

Introduce to you Wan You & her unimates from University of Nottingham~~

They are planning to run a volunteering program at our shelter in Oct . Last weekend, they visited our shelter to understand ... See more

12 months ago
Chinese New Year Running Bag

由【Corgi things和Second chance animal society】联合主办 #只需Rm85帮助无家可归的毛小孩并且得到一个2020新年跑狗包哦‼️ 目的是为了筹集 1000KG 的粮食, ... See more

我们听得见狗儿的哭泣声。 就于2020新年 让我们一同穿上他, 将“以领养代替购买”的精神 植入于大家的思想里。 他的痛苦,会因您而终结。 ... See more

12 months ago
Photos from Second Chance Animal Society's post

Update of Ah Bi~~

Ab Bi had been rejecting food & water, so we put her on drip & hand feeding . Last week , she started gaining her strength & able to stand to drink but she still does not want to ... See more

1 year ago

Urgently looking for Lost dog!

Jay, SCAS dog has escaped from the truck during his way back to the shelter. The route is from VPAC veterinary clinic at Jalan Kuchai Lama - - seri petaling - - MRR2 - ... See more

1 year ago

Sharing Post for Lena
Pups for adoption
Location: Sg Buloh
Contact : pm Lena at 017-8888859

“The puppies were rescued from the street by a Vietnamese foreign worker after witnessing someone ... See more

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