Can you give an animal a second chance?

SCAS started from the rescue of 12 motherless fur babies at a wet market in Jalan Kelang Lama in September 2009. It now operates as a registered NGO, a no-kill animal shelter.

Over the years, SCAS has saved more than a thousand stray dogs in Selangor and successfully rehomed about 50% of them. At SCAS shelter, we believe every dog deserves a second chance.

Located in Pekan Batu 14, Cheras, Hulu Langat in Selangor, SCAS shelter houses over 500 dogs rescued from injury, abuse and abandonment. SCAS members and volunteers worked hard to rehome these dogs after they have been returned to full health.

SCAS shelter is run solely on public donations and voluntary aid and SCAS appeals to the public to help us continue running the shelter. We appreciate any form of help and support.

SCAS Mission:

    1. To rehome our rescued dogs.
    2. To educate the concept of the “Adopt, Don’t Buy” and “Neuter, Don’t Multiply to Save Lives”

What’s next? 

Consider supporting the shelter by Adopting a dog, Contribute, Volunteer, Donate or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Scam Alert


Second Chance Animal Society is the latest animal welfare NGO to fall prey to scammers, leading to the blacklisting of their bank account. This unfortunate incident has significantly disrupted their operations and impacted their ability to receive donations.

Following a similar attack on Paws, these scammers have now set their sights on Second Chance. Operating predominantly on Telegram messenger, they entice unsuspecting individuals to contribute to Second Chance’s bank account, promising a modest monetary reward. Once victims receive this initial sum, the scammers coerce them into depositing a larger amount for fictitious online investments. Unfortunately, victims not only lose the entire sum but also face challenges withdrawing any funds.

Victims have reported these scams to the authorities, but the inclusion of Second Chance’s bank account in the scammers’ messages has led to the account being blacklisted. Second Chance is actively working to resolve this crisis.

PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS and refrain from engaging in any “opportunities” from unverified sources, particularly those involving money deposits or task rewards. These scams have had a severe impact on the fundraising capabilities of animal welfare organizations, affecting their ability to assist homeless animals.

If you come across suspicious messages or scams, promptly report them to the authorities.

For those wanting to support Second Chance, you can contribute via their PayPal, Shopee, or Touch ‘n Go options: 

Click here to view the Scammer Alert on Facebook.