Are you and your family ready for your new member?

Our adoption procedure

  1. The adopter fills up SCAS adoption form.
  2. The adopter pays RM 200 upfront for neutering fee.
  3. SCAS receipt will be issued.
  4. When the pup reaches 6 months and above, the adopter makes appointment with our panel Vet Clinics as stated in the adoption form.
  5. The adopter brings SCAS receipt to vet t verify and as a billing record. Vet Clinic will bill SCAS its neutering cost.
  6. Please note that the RM 200 neutering fee is for neutering surgery only. Any blood test and other medical charges are to be borne by the adopter.
  7. If the dog is returned, the RM 200 will not be returned to the adopter
  8. If the dog is returned, the adopter can ask for a replacement without any charges.
  9. SCAS will not claim back for any vaccinations costs that we had done for the dog.