Why Are We So Evil?

Some potential adopters / dog lovers commented that we are very EVIL when we insist on spay-neuter all our adopted puppies.

Please check out the pics below before you judge us.

white dogs - 2nd chance
The irresponsible owner refused to claim them from the pound when MPSJ caught them. We rushed to the pound after work to claim them. The compound & ‘suit kopi’ burned a big hole in our pocket. Fortunately, there are good samaritans sponsored the compound and even made a trip to the municipal to pay for the compound.
eaten pup- 2nd chance
‘Dog-eats-dog’ is an extremely sad sight – A starving mama dog ate the dead puppy. Do you think all puppies can be as lucky as your pets?
dog in plastic bag - 2nd chance
We hate to see this – Dead pup in the box. Cremation of the puppy takes much more than just digging a hole & bury it. It involves teary eyes & broken hearts.
Jolly girl (3)
We picked Jolly up in the middle of a busy road at 11p.m. What would have happened to this pup if our volunteer didn’t rescue her?
puppies with mom- 2nd chance
A timid mother dog, renamed Puchong was claimed with 5 other pups from the pound. One died due to malnutrition.
Updates: The whole litter including Puchong did not survive from Distemper virus.
dog in cage - 2nd chance
We claimed another mama dog (Subang) from the same pound the next day, with her another 5 pups. The pound caretaker splashed water on the day old pups when washing the kennel.
Updates: Subang is still with us at Second Chance kennel. However all her 5 puppies very sadly didn’t survive.
tinkerbell 2nd chance
Tinkerbell (now Jingle) was picked up from the Old Klang Road market. She was found in a plastic bag. An evil human threw her away like a bag of rubbish.
softball - 2nd chance
He looked like a lost pet. We claimed him from DBKL pound 2 days before Chinese New Year or he would be put to sleep.
Updates: He has then been adopted by a loving family but passed away due to tick fever.
dogs 2nd chance
2 shy girls… Only 1 left. The bigger pup had been put to sleep a few days after being caught by the dog catchers.
cute pup 2nd chance
Who is the human who would put such an adorable pup in the plastic bag? Every life is so precious to us.
3-leg dog 2nd chance
Do you think he was born with only THREE legs?
SCAS Spay & Neuter PSA